Cement Truck Cleaner Project

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Cement Truck Cleaner Project

Our customer asked us to help them design an automated transit mixer cleaning system. Certain building regulations require cement suppliers to clean the inside of the transit mixer drums between every load. The drivers currently take 15 to 20 minutes to do this. Our customer had a better idea. Their system would require less than 5 minutes, clean the drum more thoroughly, and help the cement plant deliver more concrete.

They chose to collaborate with Scott Industrial Systems to design and assemble an effective and safe solution.

Their requirements were:

  • An easy-to-operate system
  • A rugged, durable, system that can stand up to the operating conditions found in a cement plant
  • An automated cleaning cycle
  • Environmentally sealed components rated to IP66 at minimum, this means the component is dust tight and watertight from spraying water
  • Built in safety interlocks
  • Three operating modes: Normal, Setup, and Demonstration

In order to meet the requirements, we specified components that have proven to be durable in mobile hydraulic applications as opposed to components found in more controlled industrial applications. This system is going to get wet, cold, hot, and dirty.

Assembled System

The assembled Hydraulic Power System

We specified a Hydraforce electronic control module rated to handle temperatures from -40F to +158F as the heart of our design. We chose a Joral Absolute Linear Encoder to keep track of the boom position. It’s rated to IP69k water and dust protection. It even counts position if there’s no power. The operator station uses rugged GS Global Resources joysticks rated to IP67 water and dust protection.

The resulting system is capable of blasting residue off the inside of transit mixers at high pressure in a safe and consistent way.

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Operating System

Control Panel

Inside the Operation Panel

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