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In the industry, we know that contamination is the leading cause of hydraulic repairs and replacements. The cleaner the hydraulic fluid, the more efficient the system. One option to clean fluid, is to purchase new oil, but that can be costly. However, fluid filtration is a budget-friendly alternative to keep your machines running at peak performance by removing dirt and water contamination, leading to significant cost savings.

Renting the equipment for purifying allows your operation to perform preventative maintenance without incurring the expense of a new unit.

Prevent costly downtime, improve equipment performance, and increase the life of fluids with filtration purification and contamination control solutions from renting a unit from Scott Industrial.

Scott Industrial Systems offers top of the line, technology advanced oil and fuel purification rental equipment. For immediate needs, please call 937-233-8146.

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The portable filter cart system is a stand-alone unit that operates independent of the main hydraulic system. Because it is portable, it has many uses within the plant including filtering incoming hydraulic fluids prior to adding to bulk storage, transfer and filtering before adding to a hydraulic reservoir, supplementation of a current system and cleaning a reservoir prior to shipment on existing equipment. Available with an integral particle counter and water sensor to monitor fluid cleanliness.

Portable Filter Carts
Portable Filter Cart

High Velocity Flushing Skids
High Velocity Flushing Skid

“Amazing how dirty all of our systems were, even with our existing filtration. By running the filter cart provided by Scott Industrial on each system in automatic mode, everything cleaned up overnight, preventing downtime.”

Mark Russell, Process Improvement Specialists, Millwood Corp.

Vacuum Dehydrators
Vacuum Dehydrator

Vacuum units are used to thoroughly remove free and dissolved water and gases, along with other particles that would affect your system.

Flushing skids are designed to achieve higher flow rates than you would typically see for a standard mobile filter cart.

Manufactured in the USA. Next day shipments available. Free onsite oil analysis and field startup option.

Flushing skids are designed to achieve higher flow rates than you would typically see for a standard mobile filter cart.

Choosing the right filtration equipment is critical. Our team at Scott is trained to meet your needs quickly.

The varnish mitigation system is effective at removing oil-insoluble aging products from said oils. Mineral deposits like to settle in hydraulic reservoirs, valves, or in the bearings of lubrication systems, plastic injection molding machines, industrial presses and other critical components, effecting the operating reliability.

The high flow, high viscosity coalescer separator vessel is mainly used for dewatering of diesel, making it especially suitable for applications with large amounts of water that need removed in a single pass. Common applications include fuel dispensing, bulk fuel unloading, and high flow fuel injection systems.

Our single and multi-cartridge filter bag vessels offer more dirt-holding capacity, offering longer life, high flow rates with lower pressure drops and easy disposal.

Varnish Mitigation Systems
Varnish Mitigation System
Coalescer Separator Vessel
Filter Bag/Cartridge Vessel

Filtration Devices

In addition to rental equipment, Scott offers premier pneumatic and fluid filtration systems to protect your equipment. We offer cleanliness evaluation as well as test equipment to monitor your systems. Let us work with you to extend the life of your equipment.

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