Fluid Power

SpillArmor™ by SmartVista LLC – More Protection in Less Space


Employees & Environment

When petroleum-based liquids are used in industry, the goal is zero spills. Protecting people and the environment from hazardous liquids is essential. But if a spill does occur, quickly stopping the flow and containing the spill is vital. Weighing at only 17 pounds, SpillArmor™ – Rapid Deployment Systems are the only absorbent products designed for ease of use – to be where you need it… when you need it. Wherever a spill occurs, SpillArmor™ absorbent booms rapidly deploy to contain the flow and prevent spread. You can safeguard your workers, your environment, and potentially avoid the expense of a recordable incident.

Emergency Responders

For Emergency Responders, precious seconds count. Spill containment and recovery are vital steps to avoiding an environmental threat. SpillArmor™ can keep a minor incident from becoming a major disaster. SpillArmor™ was designed to be portable and easy to handle allowing first responders an innovative solution to contain liquid spills at accident scenes. Firefighters, Hazmat Teams, and Tow Vehicle Operators can deploy 100 feet of absorbent boom in 30 seconds. Containment begins immediately, and allows time for a recovery plan.

Spill Contractors

When an out-of-control spill requires a contractor to step in, having the right equipment is vital. SpillArmor™ is an indispensable tool to add to the arsenal. It’s the first line of defense to prevent hazardous liquids from spreading. SpillArmor™ helps spill contractors contain some of the outliers or offshoots from a threatening spill. Its compact size allows contractors to have hundreds of feet of absorbent material on hand at all times. The innovative storage pods deploy quickly, allowing crews to rapidly respond to the spreading of fluids while large-scale equipment deals with the messy cleanup.

SpillArmor™ is in stock at Scott Industrial Systems. To find out how Scott can get you great pricing on these products, please e-mail us at info@scottindustrial.com or call 937-233-8146. More information on our services can be viewed at www.scottindustrialsystems.com.

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