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Manlift Project

This client came to us in May of this year help them design a new bucket truck for one of their customers. This truck is used to install and service signs reaching heights of 70 feet.

They had a long list of must have features:

  • Winch – to lift and set signs in place
  • Auger – to drill sign post footers
  • Safety Interlock systems
  • Engine Control Start, Stop, and Idle
  • Automatic basket leveling

The system included 4 OEM Controls J1939 joysticks, 3 High Country Tek DVC-710 control modules, and an Enrange 12 button CAN based radio remote. On the hydraulic side we used a 7 section Bucher LVS 12 proportional valve.

The customer supplied switches to start/stop the engine, control engine idle, enable auto-leveling, and run an auxiliary power unit either at the base or in the basket of the lift. We also supplied an 8 section Parker manual valve to operate the outriggers.

The radio remote controls:

  • Boom Lift
  • Boom Extension
  • Boom Rotate
  • Basket Leveling
  • Basket Rotate
  • Auger Control
  • Winch Control
  • Engine Start/Stop
  • Engine Idle control

They placed an order for three more systems as a result of this and is looking to build 20 to 30 of these trucks annually once they achieve full production.

In addition, they wanted a design where they could add a radio as an option to future trucks. Steve Byers designed a control system including all these features plus expandability for future trucks.
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We decided to offer a modular design based on High Country Tek’s DVC –710 Master Controller.

  • Switches
  • Joysticks
  • Transducers
  • Radio Control

In the future we plan to add more sensors for safety interlocks via the J1939 BUS. We can add them to this package without changing or adding control modules.

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