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Pete – Outside Sales

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Pete Call is an Outside Sales Representative for Scott Industrial Systems. He serves Central Ohio and thrives in growing the established territory.


Pete started in November 2007. He previously worked as a project engineer for a Honda supplier and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Coming into Outside Sales was a major change for him.

Scott had formal training methods to make the transition smoother. Call described our training process as primarily centering on products and applications. He also “traveled with several other of the outside sales guys just to see what they did”.  From there, Scott Industrial assigned his territory, and he was able to provide insight and input about his own experiences.


It is difficult for outside sales people to perform to a high standard if they lack central support. Pete feels that our talented and helpful inside sales team separates Scott Industrial from others in our industry. He emphasized, “The fact that you’re not really feeling lost or alone out there technically is a big deal”

Pete praised the tenure and knowledge base of our employees and how that helps him achieve his goals. “I think the success of the outside people really depends on the inside support groups […] any success that I’ve had can largely be attributed to them”.

Something New Everyday

One of the benefits of an outside sales role is visiting with different customers everyday.

“You see a wide variety of applications and projects.” Said Pete, “There’s always somebody trying to do something new or different. You see everybody’s industry-leading projects”.

Despite the amount of travel expected, sales people at Scott Industrial are rarely required to make calls far outside of their territory. This provides a good balance for those who want to meet customers and explore new projects with a stable schedule.

In Pete’s words, “I would never take another job with a significant amount of overnight trips when I could be home every night at this job”.

Scott Industrial is happy to have Pete’s strong technical talent on our sales team.

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