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Kim – Administration Group

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“Just keep moving. That’s what I’ve learned, you’ve got to keep moving.”

Kim joined the Scott Industrial team in 1988 as part of the File Maintenance Group. This department was responsible for manually entering orders, which would then be filed away into large metal cabinets. Kim described computer technology of that time as “blue things, a screen and a keyboard all in one piece.”

Blue Things

Example image from one of our brochures from the 1980’s

Since the 80’s, Kim has witnessed a lot of technological advancement within our offices. Customer Service became capable of entering orders digitally, and the File Management department merged into what is now our Administration Group.

Kim Image 1

Our admin group in 1996. Kim is in the center of the first row.

One of the most recent changes for the admin group are upgrades to our Dayton headquarters. Through everything, Kim is optimistic and adaptable. “These offices are great, so much brighter, everyone’s closer together in our department. There’s just much better communication.”

Kim’s ability to embrace new challenges is evident from a recent interest she’s found outside of the office. A few years ago, she found a local class called “Beginning to Run”. Although she had always wanted to try running, the Rec Center class gave her the motivation she needed to put it into practice.

“We were going to do the 5k of the Air Force Marathon. I waited too long to sign up for it and it sold out and the only thing that was left was the full marathon.”

She asked her husband if they wanted to run the full 26.2 miles. He agreed. Within a year of taking the course, Kim and her husband completed a full marathon. “We enjoyed it, so we kept it up.”

The administration department encourages of Kim’s ambition. “We’re very close, we’re like family really, and we’ve been together for a long time.”

After many years at Scott, Kim’s favorite part is still the people that she works with. “This company, everyone’s always helpful to everyone. I can’t imagine a better place to work, personally. […] Everyone seems to enjoy working together.”

Kim’s next big running event is the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati this May. She and her husband will be running the half marathon.

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