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Introducing the Oilgear XD5-100 Pump Series

The Oilgear XD5-100 pump delivers more speed, more flow, and more power for mobile applications. A variable-displacement, axial-piston pump with fast control response, the XD5-100 excels in applications using standard mineral oil or low viscosity fluids, providing durability in challenging environments and is available in a variety of control and porting options. Engineered to be a robust, high-performance solution for demanding mobile applications. Prototypes are available on an expedited basis!

  • Up to 54% more power density
    • Pound for pound, XD5-100 delivers the best power density.
  • More flow – 63.8 GPM
    • Delivering up to 63.8 GPM, XD5-100 provides the flow you need for primary and auxiliary applications.
  • More speed – 2,450 RPMS at full stroke
    • Rated 2,450 RPMS. For higher RPM applications, please seek factory guidance.
  • Up to 32% smaller space claim
    • Smaller dimensional space claim makes first fit design and aftermarket drop-in-place easier.
  • Oilgear technology inside
    • Oilgear’s reputation for long-lasting pump technology packaged for mobile applications.

Improved speed and flow performance backed by Oilgear’s robust and reliable design. That’s what you’re getting with the new XD5 family. Our technology is known for delivering long pump life in even the harshest conditions. Our lasting success comes from proprietary hardened surfaces, hydrodynamic bearing, and SAE heavy-duty shaft.

  • Hardened running surfaces
    • Oilgear’s proprietary hardening formula for steel components extends pump life.
  • Hydrodynamic bearing 
    • Polymerous (journal type) bearing that supports the rotating group assembly. Contains no rolling elements and is lubricated by system fluid.
  • SAE heavy-duty shaft with sealed bearings 
    • Sealed front shaft bearings for operating with standard hydraulic oil and low-viscosity fluids.

Founded in 1948, Scott are your experts in fluid power. We offer design and assembly services as well as training to help customers maintain optimal equipment performance.

To find out how Scott Industrial Systems can get you great pricing on Oilgear assemblies and replacement parts, please e-mail sales@scottindustrial.com or call 937-233-8146. More information on our services can be viewed at www.scottindustrialsystems.com.

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