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Metering System

Imagine you are baking a cake. To mix this cake you need precise quantities of each ingredient. Any abundance of egg or lack of flour will completely throw off the quality and consistency of the batter and lead to an inferior product overall.

Molten Metal

Molten Metal

Manufacturing metal alloys is a similar process to baking. The base metal blends with other added components to enhance their properties and create a stronger material. However, in this context, your batter is molten and misuse of the ingredients can lead to much more serious consequences than a bad taste.

Our customer needed our help to make sure that they were creating consistently sized metal ingots for further processing. They previously had an employee ladle 2000 degree molten metal to pour the individual quantities. This proved to be not only inconsistent, but also dangerous.

Completed Ingots

Completed Ingots

Our sales representative, Kent Bunde, helped them create a unique solution to automate this system. The metering of the metal quantity is controlled by Tolomatic Actuators. These electronic actuators are controlled by an RMC 150 Delta computer which tells them when to open, how far to open, and for how long.

This successfully creates safe and consistent metering for the creation of metal ingots in the facility, which ultimately leads to a better quality of product for their customers.

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