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This story comes to us courtesy of Mark Trent, our Manager of Value Added Sales:

Our customer converts large over the road trucks from two-wheel to four-wheel drive. Their customers range from the U.S. Army to snow removal trucks for the local airport. They asked Scott Industrial to update the control system they use to control the engagement of the four-wheel drive system. Each system consists of a transfer case, front differential, and rear differential. Each of these components has various operating states that need to be engaged by the driver from the cab.

Our system had to perform the required control logic, display the system state to the driver and ensure safe operation of the components. Our customer also wanted to modernize the look of the system, make the control valves modular, and have one supplier for everything in the system… Oh, and this quality had to be achieved within a tight budget.

We quoted a system consisting of Humphrey 430 air valves, GS XI03 logic controller, and a Pilot-CC display. As the project gained traction at the customer, they added a wiring harness, mounting brackets, and packaging.

We were able to meet all their requirements and installed the first system on a truck destined to join the snowplow fleet at Salt Lake City’s airport.

Here is their new display within the cab:

Control Display 1Control Display 2

Air Valves and Controller:

Air Valves and Controller

Scott Industrial was able to meet our customer’s needs safely, effectively, and within budget. These results will be repeatable for any future needs that our customer has for these components.

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