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With the costs of energy steadily rising, energy consumption is playing a more significant role than ever in the total cost of machine operation. As a result, the hydraulics industry is demanding energy efficient solutions that also meet stringent government regulations for environmental protection.

Proven Value and Benefits

• Up to 70% energy savings – Sustainability and cost reduction
• Quieter operation – Improved safety and regulation compliance
• Reduced or eliminated cooling needs – Machine cost reduction
• Pump downsizing – Machine cost and footprint savings
• Eaton standard products – Proven reliability and availability

 Reduced Energy Cost and Consumption

Eaton’s Variable Speed Drive and Pump Systems can help you cut energy usage by up to 70% depending on the machine duty cycle. This can help significantly reduce operating costs, so your investment can quickly pay for itself.

The proven performance and power density of Eaton’s pump families combined with the smart control of Eaton Variable Speed Drives enable these systems to achieve power-on-demand more efficiently than conventional constant-speed drive pump systems. Instead of operating constantly at 1500 RPM or 1800 RPM (depending on the region), Eaton’s Variable Speed Drive Pumps can be controlled to match the load requirements of the current duty cycle via intelligent control. As a result, you can eliminate energy waste.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Noise reduction is another significant benefit of running your pumps at variable speeds. The electric motor and pump speed vary constantly in an Eaton Variable Speed Drive System to match the duty cycle requirement. This results in remarkable noise reduction, which helps protect operators’ hearing and meets more stringent noise regulations.

Reduced Heat Generation

With improved energy efficiency comes less heat production, so these systems can often allow you to downsize or even eliminate oil coolers. Otherwise, they can help reduce the amount of hydraulic oil you use and the size of your tanks, thereby extending the life of seals and oil.

Reduced Pump Size

Eaton’s Variable Speed Drive Pumps open the possibility of downsizing your pumps to cut costs. Because the system can run higher than 1500 RPM or 1800 RPM, you can reduce the pump displacement requirement proportionally for the same amount of flow—shrinking the machine’s overall footprint.

Backed by experienced application engineering, service, training and sales support—as well as the power of one Eaton—Eaton’s proven pump and variable speed drive products can be a powerful combination to resolve challenges in today’s demanding market.

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Energy Consumption Comparison of Different Types of Pump Systems

Eaton VSD Consumption Comparison Eaton VSD Cost Comparison


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