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Case Study: Straightening Hammer for a Foundry

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Our customer specializes in heat treating and stamping applications. When flaws or metal deformations appear on parts in the factory, our customer will ensure that those are amended for their clients.

Before contacting Scott Industrial, a laborer at the foundry manually hammered parts straight. This process was time-consuming and often resulted in inaccuracies. Most importantly, the scope-of-work document we received cited repetitive motion injuries to workers. To create the best solution for the factory, Scott Industrial focused on concerns of operator safety, accuracy, and consistency.

We built the hammerhead utilizing a pneumatic cylinder as a stationary hammer to create a proof-of-concept for the full design. Six total versatile axes surround the metal component in order to clamp parts in place. The hammer and clamp have x, y, z axes that move separately. To implement mechanical assist functionality, pneumatic cable cylinders balance the system so there is zero effort to be able to move parts around and properly align the clamp.

Safety is a major concern. Since our customer wanted the capability to move the hammer at any point over the part, we utilized a light curtain so that the hammer cannot engage or operate if there is physical interference (similar to the system on a garage door). Laser cross-hairs on the
part demonstrate where the hammer is going to hit to ensure that it impacts the correct location of the metal. As an added safety, accessibility, and design longevity measure, we installed optical push buttons that do not require excessive force to be utilized. We brought together components from several of our strongest pneumatic suppliers to create this system.

Our solution provided the same strength and versatility as a human operating the hammer. Our customer benefited from a safer environment for the machine operator, consistent hammer swings, less operator dependency, and overall reduced takt time.

Founded in 1948, Scott Industrial are experts in fluid power. We offer design and assembly services as well as training to help customers maintain optimal equipment performance.

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