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Auburn Gear introduces Model 4 Shaft Output Drives


Auburn Gear has announced a new addition to their Power Wheel Series – the Model 4 Shaft Output Drives.

These are the performance specifications of the drives:

  • ○ Max Intermittent output torque: 40,000 lb-in (4,520 Nm)
  • ○ Max input speed: 3,500 rpm
  • ○ Max radial load: 9,900 lbs. (4,490 kg)
  • ○ Approximate Weight: 63 lbs. (29 kg)
  • ○ Oil Capacity —Shaft Down: 25 oz. (739 cc)
  •                —Shaft Horizontal: 14 oz. (414 cc)

Advantages to this system include a robust lock-nut bearing retention and preload design for a longer bearing life and reduced shaft deflection.

The company states that the primary market for the Model 4 Drives is the smaller end of the auger/drilling applications. However, it can also be used as a conveyor drive, chain & sprocket drive, or other industrial applications.

Auburn Gear has almost 60 years of gear manufacturing experience. They serve vehicle builders in a great variety of industries with a wide range of geared products.

The brochure on the Model 4 Shaft Output Drives is available at http://auburngear.com/images/gallery/Model4Catalog.pdf.

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