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AKG Thermal Systems Launches New Hydraulic Conditioning Unit

AKG Thermal Systems, Inc. has developed a Hydraulic Conditioning Unit (HCU35) that can install on truck frame rails.

Trucks or agriculture equipment that have a Power Take-Off (PTO) receives power from a source such as a running engine. The PTO transmits the power to an application such as an attached implement or towards a separate machine.

The HCU35 is designed to fit in very tight spaces and conveniently mounts on the frame rail. The HCU35 is engineered to condition and cool the oil for a wide variety of applications such as:

• Food & Chemical transport
• Crude oil transport
• Vacuum pumps
• Combo drives
• Bulk feed trucks

Not only does the Hydraulic Conditioning Unit (HCU35) cool hydraulic oil, but it also stores and filters the oil as well. This feature eliminates the need for large reservoirs that store excess oil. This elimination allows the HCU35 to offer a considerable weight saving to the vehicle, which translates to better fuel efficiency.

AKG Thermal Systems, Inc. will offer three fan motor drive options to provide flexibility to the market. The engineer-driven HCU35 has reviewed leak points, installation, and power supplies for proper performance. The design of the fan drive options are made with the operation of a truck well thought out.

AKG Thermal Systems, Inc. has invested resources in developing a state of the art reservoir for an industry-leading, rapid de-aeration with flows up to 38 gallons per minute. The HCU35 can prevent cavitation in the hydraulic system, leading to increased efficiency and life expectancy of the hydraulic system.

In addition to oil filtration, de-aeration, and cooling, AKG Thermal Systems invested in vibration testing. The rigors of testing to military standards for 228,000 miles, with no vibration isolators, has proved the rugged a design. The HCU35 has passed test conditions more extreme than any applications it will see in the field.

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